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Students from all Northern Department of Education high schools are eligible to attend. Studentworks is promoted within schools to students, parents and teachers as an alternative learning environment for students 14 to 16 years of age. Students attend one week at school and one week at Studentworks. In total approx. 30 students are enrolled over a 12 month period. Students can attend for two years or until they feel able to return full time to their respective schools. Students initially attend a series of trial days before committing to the program.

Referral to Studentworks    

(Referral to Studentworks documentation provided by contacting Studentworks direct)

Students must be referred to Studentworks by their school and specifically the Principal, Grade Coordinator or School Social Worker.
Students attend one week at school and one week at Studentworks.  Students can attend for two years, from Grades 9 and 10. (or end of year 8)   Students are assessed against the Australian Curriculum in a range of competencies associated to literacy, numeracy, personal and social capability, employability and life skills.

Production and Learning areas of Studentworks: Students must spend time whilst at Studentworks in all areas of production and participate in literacy, numeracy, life skills, also any work provided by their school.  Studentworks will support students to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and provide awareness of the importance of further education, vocational pathways and employability skills.

Students learning is through “hands on” by producing a range of products, alongside a Trade Instructor.

Metalwork: General metal fabrication including metal grates, outdoor furniture, rubbish bins, for local companies, councils, and other not profit organisations.

Woodwork: Pine beds, use of a CNC machine for flat pack furniture and architectural components.

Packaging:  Gaskets, cutting, strapping and stacking cardboard

Catering:  Preparation and cooking of light morning teas and lunches for corporate clients.  Friday lunches provide an opportunity for students and staff to sit down and share a meal together.

Learning area: Literacy, numeracy, undertaking work provided by schools, resumes, and industry guest speakers aimed at identifying employment opportunities and helping students develop their vocational pathways.


Work Health and Safety

Due to the industrial nature of the learning environment, the safety of students and staff is paramount. Visiting students are not permitted to use machinery until deemed confident and competent. Students are trained in the safe operation of all tools and machinery and hazardous materials. Students are expected to demonstrate responsible behaviour at all times and abide by Instructor’s direction and all safety signage. Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times. Mobile phones are not to be accessed during working hours.

Studentworks provides, ear protection, safety glasses and safety vests. Studentworks does have a range of safety boots for students use.

All students are required to complete the induction procedure before participating in any workshop or catering activity.

Contact with Schools and Parents.

Studentworks Provision of Information to Schools and Parents.

Studentworks will provide daily student attendance reports to schools.

Brief weekly reports provided on student’s achievement against Australian Curriculum or those showing pleasing attributes in employability skills.

Term Reports are provided on student’s assessment against the Australian Curriculum to schools and parents/guardians.

Parents and schools are encouraged to contact the General Manager, to discuss students’ progress.