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Studentworks, looks for products, suited to the skills of our young people (14-16 years), repetitive in nature and where possible undertaken in production runs.  Students learning is through “hands on” by producing products. Instructors supervise all students, in producing quality products.  Quality control is paramount in all production areas.

Student’s ability to read, follow instructions, measure and practice safe operating procedures, whilst producing a quality product are all part of the workplace learning and employability skills gained by the students participating in the program.

Metalwork: General metal fabrication including metal grates, outdoor furniture, rubbish bins, for local companies, councils, and other not for profit organisations. Studentworks is able to have products, galvanised, powder coated to customers’ requirements.

Woodwork: Pine beds, use of a Computer Numeric Cutting (CNC) machine for flat pack furniture and architectural components.

Packaging:  Gaskets, cutting, strapping and stacking cardboard.

All Instructors are qualified and experienced trades people.


Work Health & Safety

Due to the industrial nature of the learning environment, the safety of students and staff is paramount. Visiting students are not permitted to use machinery until deemed confident and competent. Students are trained in the safe operation of all tools and machinery and hazardous materials. Students are expected to demonstrate responsible behaviour at all times and abide by Instructor’s direction and all safety signage. Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times. Mobile phones are not to be accessed during working hours.


All activities undertaken at Studentworks including the production and catering areas are mapped and assessed against the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities of Literacy, Numeracy, Personal and Social Capabilities. In addition, Studentworks also provides assessment in generic Employability Skills.