About Us

Education and Training.

During their time at Studentworks, students participate in the areas of Catering, Wood, and Metal, Packaging and Learning where they work in a real life industry environment to help produce quality products for sale. Some of the products currently produced include steel grates and lintels, outdoor and street furniture and seating, domestic timber furniture, architectural products cut on a Computer Numerical Cutting (CNC) machine, packaging of consumables, catering services as well as undertake stock take of all areas. Guest speakers and visits are regularly organised to complement the My Education program. Students are also expected to participate in a life skills program which involves cooking, washing, cleaning, ironing etc.        

Students are assessed against the Australian Curriculum in a range of competencies linked to literacy, numeracy, personal and social capability, life skills and production.

Studentworks has a dedicated Training/Life Skills Instructor, who works with small groups of students, in a specially equipped training room. Students participate in literacy, numeracy, life skills, also undertaking educational programs, provided by their school.


  • "Hugely successful outcome for students who were previously unsure of a pathway or felt as though education was not meeting their needs." (AST-Teacher 15 years of sending students to Studentworks)

  • "This is one flexible program that we wish to continue using."

  • "Provides students with authentic skills and guidance. Our students feel connected to their learning, that does not involve sitting in a classroom."

  • "The groups are small and the ratio of staff to students, allows for more intensive instruction."

  • "To me, it seems Studentworks provides an individualised, respectful and safe “growing” space."

  • "If Studentworks was not offered as an alternative learning program, some students would be set up to fail by attending high school full time. As a consequence, a number of students would experience ongoing suspension or exclusion."

  • "Studentworks provides a level of “respite” for students and that the week on week off structure suits all students attending."